About Me

Claire’s all business with a sick sense of humor. She’s tough, smart, and gets the job done. From a hard-nose detective, flirtatious cigarette girl, a prisoner and an accomplished voice over artist. Her contagious laugh is her trademark. She is said to be able to “paint the color of emotion” through her craft.

Claire has been in award-winning films. Playing Detective Bowen in Aversion, which won a Fantasia film award in Montreal. A thriller, A Cool Dark Place, where she plays Cecile, a Cuban cigarette girl has received Best Short Award at Chelsea film festival. When she’s not playing a prisoner in Orange is the New Black, you may hear her voice in some major commercials. From Listerine, Kohl’s and her fluency in Spanish has landed her voiceover opportunities for the U.S. Coastguard, Army National Guard, Benadryl and others. Claire has landed roles on tv commercials for “Cointreau Liquor” alongside Dita Von Teese.

A graduate of private performing arts school La Salle in Dominican Republic, Claire studied Ballet, Flamenco, other dance forms and theatre. She went on to graduate from prestigious New York City’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She studied at Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC), and currently studies with renowned acting coach Anthony Abeson. Claire will continue to ingeniously create art that pushes limits and influences, propelling her to land roles in your next work of art.